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No, I Won't Bow Down On That Dirty Ground

A History of the Black Mardi Gras Indians


This book was written by the creator of the first definitive, award-winning documentary film on the Mardi Gras Indians: “The Black Indians of New Orleans” (1976). This historical novel allows students to experience the history of the Black Indians through its main character Samba Prudeaux. The reader will experience a firsthand account of slavery including hardships, a slave revolt, and the Seminole underground railroad to Mexico. Preserved in the traditions of the Black Indians of New Orleans, and passed through its elders to Dr. Maurice Martinez, this book also presents the evolution of the culture.

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Recollections of a Mixed-Race New Orleans Colored Creole In Limbo


Seen through the eyes of a native son:

MAURICE M. MARTINEZ, in this firsthand account of survival on a deep-South landscape speaks to the elan vital of a multiethnic, multicultural American. Once upon a time in the Land of Epidermis, in a place called the 7th Ward in New Orleans, there lived a group of marginalized Americans known as gens de couleur libres (free persons of color). Offspring of the cross-fertilization of European colonizers, Amerindians, and enslaved Africans, were systematically excluded from free access to the fruits of the American Dream. They were defined by the amount of melanin in their skin, relegated to a subordinate status of segregated outcasts, and labeled “Colored” and “Negro” for having as little as 1/32nd of so-called African “blood.” Placed in an enclave of earthly Limbo, these gens de couleur libres created an enduring legacy of tenacity and resilience in their response to the illusion of inclusion.


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From the Dirt Streets They Came


Relive the past - A personal glimpse through a time capsule (1950 - 1965) of one of the most cherished cities in the world. From the parades and celebrations to the musicians that shaped the music of America, these photographs form a collective expression from an indigenous perspective as seen through the eyes of a New Orleans native son.


$25 plus $5 S&H



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